Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, Mark Buehrle

45 consecutive batters. Forty-five.

Mark Buehrle's perfection stretched across three different games with three different teams, in two different venues. Leave it to the pesky Minnesota Twins to break the streak in that hellish nightmare they call a ballpark. (At least former Sox 3B Joe Crede wasn't the culprit; he was Victim No. 42.)

Even with the accomplishments of the past week -- and the no-hitter in 2007, and the save in the World Series, and the World Series title, and his awesome walks-to-strikeouts ratio -- Buehrle's a longshot for the Hall of Fame, unless he can win, say, 15 games a year for the next eight years. That would give him more than 250 career victories.

But I think history will remember Buehrle without the "HOF" next to his name. He is already a White Sox legend, and now he may flat-out be a Chicago legend. He has been the face of the Sox for the better part of this decade, and certainly among the classiest players to ever call Chicago home. (Could you imagine the uproar if Kenny Williams hadn't renewed his contract?)

I tip my cap to you, sir. Now go win us the division, please ...

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The last out of the perfecto, seen from the Scout Seats

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Pandemonium after Buehrle's 2007 no-no

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