Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another blog?

Yes, another blog.

Unlike Widescreen, the blog I write for the Daily Herald, a / v will be completely unfettered and uncensored. That's not to say this is going to be a hedonistic den of debauchery; it just means I'll write whatever the hell I want to.

What that mostly means is that this will become the de facto home for my film reviews and retrospective pieces. That "30 Years at the Movies" series I started (and abandoned) earlier this year may resurface here.

But it also means I can write about sports and sports media, two things I won't be doing at the Herald site. (Our sports bloggers pretty much have that covered.)

I will (hopefully) be blogging extensively this weekend about Comic Con at the Herald site, but in the next week or so a / v will spring to life. Consider this your teaser trailer -- or your warning!

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