Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm sorry, what's the game called?

Summer is almost over, which means it's time for football training camp to open for our local football team, the Chicago football Bears.

Soon, our airwaves will be full of soundbites from head football coach Lovie Smith talking about how well his football players play the game of football out there on the football field. We'll hear that Jay Cutler can throw the football very far down the football field, that Devin Hester can catch the football, and that Matt Forte can run the football. Maybe we'll hear about how well Brian Urlacher and the other defensive football players are at trying to force the football out of the hands of other football players. Lovie might even speculate on how many football games the Bears could win this football season.

Then we'll tune into ESPN and hear former football players and football coaches talk about their favorite football teams for the upcoming football season. We'll probably hear them say that Adrian Peterson can run the football better than anyone else on the football field, and that Tom Brady is ready to make a triumphant return, throwing the football down the football field. If there's a questionable penalty flag, we may hear debate on whether or not a football player made a "football move."

Hopefully, at some point during either the professional football or collegiate football seasons, we'll get to hear another football rant as awesome as this one from Colorado Buffaloes football coach Dan Hawkins:

In conclusion, football.

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